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Victoria Siemer aka Witchoria

From Human Error series


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original image from ‘ichi the killer’

Ho anche il titolo per il mio secondo libro: ‘Cose che amo e non farò mai perché sono io.’

Oggi un’unica domanda: Mogwai o non Mogwai?


Kizun - “Composition VIII” by Kandinsky; For Fabien
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Shit is so real right now.
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The Reality of Nude Photos
Alright, so this is a little bit of an unrelated note to my regular posts, but I feel like it’s important. I want to take just a quick minute to explain the difference I see between a naked body that’s posed and a naked body that is just that: a naked body.
When we look at naked people on the internet (be it Porn Stars, “selfies” taken by internet-famous bloggers, or professional freelance models), they are almost always in these poses that elongate the body, stretch out the muscles, show off the ribs, push the breasts forward and hide all of those squishy rolls that happen when we relax. I am not attacking them, so please don’t feel defensive if those are the kinds of photos you are a part of. They’re beautiful, I have no problem with them. I just feel called to point out that a body that looks so “sexy” or “slender” or “desirable” in one picture, can look squishy, vulnerable and saggy in the next just by letting go of a pose. No one wants to post those pictures, those are the ones you delete before they’re even out of the camera. No one wants to say, “Hey! Here’s a selfie of how my tummy puffs out and look, can you see the stretch marks on my breasts!?”
I took both of those pictures this morning, minutes apart. They’re both me. They’re both completely unedited. They are simply meant to show the difference between a body that is carefully designed to be sexy and well-received, and a body that is just sitting there being a naked body on a bed in the morning.
I’m not saying that people shouldn’t pose in photos, or that photos designed to look sexy are bad whatsoever, so please don’t think that’s what I’m getting at. I just felt like sharing a picture of what a body really looks like sitting on a bed, instead of an image of what a body looks like carefully posed on a bed.


Antonio Monestiroli - Cemetery, Voghera 1995. Photos (C) Marco Introni

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Anton Corbijn’s portrait of Alexander McQueen from the T archives. The full interview with the filmmaker and photographer on music, fashion and going back to the basics.

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Benoit Paillé

'Untitled', 2014.

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On Marine .
Hand healed
L’Heure Bleue , Lyon